KnittingHomemade OWL Knitting Pattern Hat Project

Homemade OWL Knitting Pattern Hat Project

This step by step tutorial of how to make a homemade owl knitting pattern hat project is pretty simple yet really cool. Updated with the pattern for knitting with straight needles. Find the link at the bottom of the post.  Julie Is Coco And Cocoa is the awesome designer and is generously sharing with fellow knitters.

Homemade OWL Knitting Pattern Hat Project

Homemade owl knitting patterns are just adorable, and the beauty of the owls gives the design an even more classic look. Their forward facing eyes, which capitulates the viewer’s attention, creates a muse for an eccentric knitting pattern.

The intriguing beauty of the owl never fails to capture the attention of onlookers, that’s why knitting owl hats for me is far more than just a hobby; it’s an inclination drawn by a surrendered will to the beauty of owls.

Owls being such enigmatic birds’ give a blend between fierce and a cute appearance, which tends to create an illustrious feeling of, love….oh how exciting! What excites me most is the fact that these beautiful hats are made from the comfort of my couch at home and they are usually of popular demand.

These owl patterned hats make adults and kids look so adorable and stylish: My teenage niece can’t stop wearing the owl hat I made for her, and is already asking for a pair of gloves to go with her hat.

Who wouldn’t look adorable in this adorable owl hat? As the weather grows colder, this hat could help keep your ears and the top of your head warm.

P.S. In place of knitting the owl ears, beautiful colorful buttons could also be used to replace them giving your work extra cuteness.

Click here to read about how to make a homemade owl knitting pattern hat project:

Owl Hat Crochet Pattern

 If you CROCHET instead of knit – there is a OWL  HAT pattern for you:

Owl Gloves Crochet Pattern

Owl Gloves Crochet Pattern:

Crochet Owl Scarf

Crochet Owl SCARF Pattern:

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Melissa Francis
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