How to Crochet Amazing Broomstick Lace

How to Crochet Amazing Broomstick Lace
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This step by step tutorial of How to Crochet Amazing Broomstick Lace with detailed pictures and instructions makes it easy to gain a new technique within a skill.  Broomstick lace is a crochet technique that incorporates  a knitting needle as a place holder while using a crochet needle to manipulate the yarn. A larger knitting needle or dowel will result in a lacier effect, while a smaller will provide a more closely woven effect.

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Broomstick lace is also called  “Jiffy Lace” or “Peacock Eye” because it is fast and creates open lacy swirls that are appealing to the eye.

The overall appearance of the work will vary based upon the number of loops in a group, the size of the knitting needle being used, as well as the type of yarn being used.

Typical items made using this technique include afghans, baby blankets, scarves, shawls and such.

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