Medical & HealthHow To Give Yourself A Lymphatic Massage

How To Give Yourself A Lymphatic Massage

This simple method of how to give yourself a lymphatic massage will help toxins that have accumulated in the body to avoid different medical conditions.

The human body was never designed to withstand the level of toxins that is ingested today. So, there is a way to release toxins from the body regularly.

How To Give Yourself A Lymphatic Massage

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Lymphatic massage has become very important because human beings now virtually live on chemicals. Unlike centuries ago when all the food were natural, the food that are available now are full of chemicals that come in form of additives, spices, preservatives and even in form of fertilizers.

Even the creams that are being applied to the skin now are full of chemicals. The number of vehicles that are moving on the road at every point in time has increased drastically over the years and they give off harmful fumes from their exhaust pipe.

This is why a lymphatic massage is very important. It prevents several medical conditions and save you a lot of hospital bills. In fact, lymphatic massage is about the most effective natural remedies for Glaucoma and several other eye diseases.

The symptoms of early stage of excess toxins in the body are headaches, asthma, allergies, skin issues and digestion issues. If not curbed, these mild medical conditions will snowball into more serious ones like obesity, heart diseases, auto-immune diseases, cancer, neurological diseases and many other conditions. And when it gets to a critical stage, it can lead to death!

Lymphatic massage helps to release harmful toxins into the lymphatic vessels where they will find their way into the bloodstream and from the bloodstream, they will get eliminated from the body. This leaves the body healthy.

4 Steps of Lymphatic Massage

•Press your skin firmly on a lymphatic spot for a few seconds

•Then, with a little pressure, massage the spot in a circular motion for about 10 seconds

No matter how many points you have, it won’t take long before they are all fully massaged. In fact, you should be through in less than 5 minutes. Besides, what makes it easy is that you don’t have to create special time for it. You can do it while you are on break and it can be done while you are watching your favorite program on the TV set.

While massaging your lymph points, you should avoid massaging bruises and other injured spots. If you have so many tender points, you don’t have to massage all the points at the same time. Instead, massage some of them now and the others later. This is because your body may be inundated with toxins.

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