GardeningHow to Grow Fruits All Year Round Gardening

How to Grow Fruits All Year Round Gardening

How to grow fruits all year round gardening can be accomplished with careful planning, rotating methods and using growing seasons to your advantage.

How to Grow Fruits All Year Round Gardening

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It is possible to grow fruit from home and not be in a farm. It seems odd, but it is true. Making a garden to produce your own fruit (and vegetables) is a big boost to your health as it promotes exercise, self-control against harmful pesticides, and greater consumption of legitimate fruit.

It isn’t as difficult to keep a supply of local fruit all year round and some may think.

Raspberries, blueberries, and peaches become ripe in the summer and it can be harvested after a year of cultivation. With peaches, it needs to stay under the sun, but the berries will be fine in some shade. Some fruits can also be picked out in colder months, such as the cactus pear. Bananas, a favorite of many is also part of the deal, but keep it away from the colder months.

For those concerned about space, consider a potted fruit tree or trellises for wall-grown bushes. They maximize the space in a tiny yard. Pruning can lead to a greater return, making a small yard manageable. A chart with 12 fruits that can be harvested year-round is available that breaks down the best time to grow them, length of bearing, soil preference, how much sun, length of refrigeration and freezing, and any other tips to grown them.

In addition, there is the question of where you live and the “hardness” factor with those fruits. A 1 and 2 is most of Canada (sorry, neighbors to the north), and an 8 and 9 is the entire South and West Coast.

One can do a lot with homegrown fruit, especially those who are homesteaders, people who are self-sufficient. It’s very healthy and can promote more homegrown foods and homemade objects. It is like a survival backup without going to the store because the food is right there at your pleasure.

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