GardeningHow to Keep a Houseplant Alive Indoor Gardening

How to Keep a Houseplant Alive Indoor Gardening

This collection of tips for indoor gardening of How to Keep a Houseplant Alive can help us homesteaders who were not born with a green thumb but love thriving green foliage. Water, sunlight, healthy soil and

Watering is where most folks tend to kill their houseplants. Either over or under watering the plant because they forget to water it for long amount of time then drown it in attempt to revive it.  Try to stick to a routine of watering your plants on a single date of the week or add the chore to your calendar to remind yourself. If you notice brown leaves, you are not watering enough. If your plant’s leaves are turning yellow, it needs less water. Pressing down on the soil should never result in water pooling on the surface (too wet) and soil should never be dry enough to be removed in a single clump (too dry).

Everyone should know that growing indoor plants is a great way to reduce indoor house pollutants that swirl around us in our homes. Studies have shown that hospital patients with plants in their rooms were had more positive attitudes, had lower blood pressure and stress levels.

How to Keep a Houseplant Alive  Indoor Gardening

Here is a list of air cleaning plants that are almost impossible to kill:

  • Aloe Vera

  • Bamboo Palm

  • Boston Fern

  • Dracaena

  • Ficus – also known as a Weeping Fig

  • Garden Mum

  • Peace Lily

  • Snake Plant

  • Spider Plant

  • Areca Palm

  • Baby Rubber Plant

  • Chinese Evergreen

  • Mass Cane

  • Pygmy Date Palm

  • Ficus Alii

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