Household TipsHow To Potty Train A Boy in a Single Day

How To Potty Train A Boy in a Single Day

This simple yet genius tip on how to potty train a boy child in a single day is a game changer…. the young male child will love peeing in the toilet.

Potty training a boy can be a challenge for most parents. If there’s any way to expedite the process between diapers and the toilet, most parents are willing to give it a try. Boys also present more of a challenge as while they may understand the concept, it may be a bit messy in the beginning.

One clever trick to effectively toilet train a boy utilizes a box of fruit loops. Best of all, this method only takes a day. A man challenged his mother that he could train his four year old nephew to be potty trained in one day. Sometimes great ideas can be had from someone who only has daughters, not sons.

The fruit loops method takes only a handful of cereal, and a step stool so your young child can aim more accurately for the middle of the toilet.

Just how does this work? You simply tell your boy to step up, take himself in hand, and shoot the fruit loops. This simple technique is effective, and keeps your boy, and the floor clean and tidy.

Sometimes all kids need is a way to make potty training fun. With this technique they’ll suddenly grasp the concept.

You can even give further incentive by offering to give your son a small toy by the end of the week, if he doesn’t miss the fruit loops.

You may wish to buy a healthier cereal for your son by this point, as this technique can turn him off Fruit Loops. (Joke)

How To Potty Train A Boy in a Single Day

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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