CraftsHow to Transfer Images Onto Stones

How to Transfer Images Onto Stones

This step by step tutorial of how to transfer images onto stones is a creative way to use nature’s gift as part of homemade art projects. Your possibilities are endless as you find new designs and new rocks to blend together for a whole new piece. You will simply want to start collecting them all as you go.

As we work to bring nature closer to us through our designs and different crafts, we can begin to see the beauty of that nature and what medium would work best for that piece we have found.

Take some stones found on the beach as an example. You can pile them in a bowl and create a beautiful centerpiece for your table, especially when you’ve found a variety of colors and textures. There’s also another way you can make them look natural while adding more to their beauty.

How to Transfer Images Onto Stones

You can actually take transferrable images or stickers and place them on these rocks to give them a whole new meaning and perspective to anyone who sees them. You can find the transferrable sheets at your craft store and the rocks wherever you can find them in nature. As you transfer the images, you may find yourself imagining where they could go in your home or even to those who would love such a unique gift for any occasion.

Many crafters have found that natural elements added to whatever they’re working on can be one of the best ways to bring something unique and new to their finished product. You can see it quite often through the numerous mediums available in the crafting world.

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and yet here is another method to transfer images to rocks:
villabarnes rocks

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