Keep Cool Without AC Using These Commonsense Tips


Air conditioning will surely make everything much easier for you during summer. As a matter of fact, it is a beneficial tool in terms of public health. However, running your AC may increase your utility bills, makes hot nights hotter, and drives up pollution.

If you are an eco-friendly person, you may want to use renewable power for your home. But, regardless if you don’t want to pay expensive bills or you care about Mother Earth, there are some ways on how to use less AC.

Outside your home, drink a lot of water and regulate your body temperature. Inside your home, you may do lots of things to drive down temperature before flipping on the AC. If you are going without AC, you have to consider some factors like humidity and overall heat.

During hot summer days, sweating is an effective way of returning your body to its normal temperature. As droplets on skin transition from liquid to gas, the evaporation pulls warmth away from the body, cooling blood underneath the skin that goes back the core of the body, which will reduce your temperature.

If you like to keep your house cool without using AC,  Common Sense Home has listed some tips to help you.