RecipesHomemade Fresh Veggie Bouillon

Homemade Fresh Veggie Bouillon

A bouillon cube is a broth that has been dried to use for cooking. Bouillon is actually a French word and is made from vegetables, meat stock, some fat and salt. It is then frozen in the form of a cube. Bouillon is also available in powder or granular form.

Nowadays, you can easily obtain ready-made stock from the market people used to make it at home in old times. However, there are many people who are quite enthusiastic cooks and believe in making everything from scratch.

Homemade Fresh Veggie Bouillon

It is not that difficult to make bouillon cubes at home but it can be a time consuming process. One of the reasons that cooks avoid store bought bouillons is because they can have large amounts of salt in them. Bouillons can be prepared to have various flavors like chicken, vegetable, beef and fish. Some people also prefer flavors like shrimp, lamb and tomato. The advantage of home-made bouillon is that you can make it to taste the way you want it.

In this article from Rawmazing, Susan has outlined a recipe for preparing fresh bouillon at home using vegetables. Most of the ingredients mentioned by Susan can be easily found in your home kitchen. The bouillon is all raw and can be frozen in individual sizes for future use.
It looks delicious and since you control the salt factor it would have to be healthier.

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Paige Raymond
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