BeveragesMake A Gallon Of Elderberry Mead

Make A Gallon Of Elderberry Mead

           If you are lucky enough to have elderberries that grow where you can pick them I hope you take advantage of this little power house of a weed. Elderberries are loaded with vitamins and minerals. They have more than blueberries. Most foods grown today are commercially grown and lack the abundance of nutrients some of the wild foods have. Weeds grow where the soil is not drained by endless crops being grown and harvested which depletes the soil of vitamins and minerals. So if you can pick elderberries don’t pass on the opportunity.

           Once you have some (fresh picked or dried) Pixies Pocket shares instructions for making a gallon of elderberry mead. To make it you will need elderberries, honey, fresh ginger, dried lime and yeast. You will also need a one gallon carboy. After making the elderberry mead with a handful of berries they suggest using more for more of a berry flavor and I think from the picture while the color of the mead is pretty it would probably have more color if you used more berries.

Make A Gallon Of Elderberry Mead


        If you are unsure what elderberries look like you can check out this Guide To Elderberry Identification. It will teach you the difference between the flowers, leaves, berries and bark of the elderberry and some other plants that resemble the elderberry. The article will also give you some history and uses for elderberries. I really want to taste the elderberry mead so I need to find some wild ones or else order some dried elderberries. If you find some and don’t use them all right away you could always dehydrate them and then use dried elderberries for future recipes.


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