Dessert Pizza With Chocolate, Ricotta and Cherries Made On The Grill


           If you are always on the look out for a new recipe for the grill, weather in the back yard or for when camping this one is one you will want to have in your book of grill recipes. This one starts with pizza dough (you can use gluten-free) and ends up a delicious sweet treat that is sure to please. It is made with dark chocolate which has loads of minerals so it is very healthy for you. It also calls for flavored stevia drops so you have very reduced sugar. There are options like nuts and whipped cream that you can add as well. Family Fresh Cooking shares this recipe and I can’t wait till it gets warm enough to fire up the grill so I can try these dessert pizzas, who doesn’t like chocolate and cherries. Yum.

        I think I will also try replacing the cherries with chopped up  Candied Orange Peel because I love dark chocolate and orange together and I know it would go well with the ricotta. So there you now have two different ways to make dessert pizza this summer when you are grilling. Imagine the looks at camp when you whip up these gorgeous cherry,chocolate, ricotta and orange pizzas.


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