CraftsMake a Toilet Paper Rolls Tote Bag Craft Project

Make a Toilet Paper Rolls Tote Bag Craft Project

This tutorial of how to make a toilet paper rolls tote bag craft project is a frugal yet functional way to reuse an item otherwise headed to the recycle bin.

It is quite a cool woven design that no one will have a clue what it is made of. There is a certain thrill when saving money and putting the money you would have spent in your emergency fund.

Make a Toilet Paper Rolls Tote Bag Craft Project

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Recycling paper and plastic seems like a no-brainer and sometimes it’s can even make you feel good to try to re-use them too. You’d think that milk cartons, wax paper bags or toilet paper rolls have limited use in crafting useful objects, but you’d be wrong. With a little technique, you can make something as useful and strong as a tote bag.

It helps to have some experience crafting homemade goods because of the technique but even a beginner can manage if you pay attention to the directions. The roll should be cut in even rings, flattened somewhat and used in a linking line to create a braid of sorts. It produces a repeating pattern that is nice on the eye and adds to the strength of the bag.

The end result of linking repeating rings gives waffled open weave look, the same as you’d find on a summer beach bag. Sew the ends together and add wide ribbon to hide the seams and the result is a bag strong enough to carry goods and so intriguing a design that no one will believe it’s a leftover batch of toilet paper rolls.

For this project, you’ll need strong sharp cutting shears or an Exacto knife, a cutting board, needle and thread and appropriate trim ribbon in your choice. Make sure all your links, cut from the roll, are the same size and follow the pattern slowly to make sure not to miss any links. It’s a repeating pattern so should become natural after you’ve determined the size. Take a look at how to make a great tote from recycled toilet paper rolls, or any other heavy recyclable paper.

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