GardeningOctober Homesteading Gardening To Do List

October Homesteading Gardening To Do List

This insightful look into October homesteading gardening to do list is a great way to clean up and get your garden ready for winter is helpful. As the seasons are changing, leaves are falling and the nights are becoming colder – gardening without extreme measures is coming to an end. There are several ways in which to prepare for future growing seasons during fall season weather.

There is a list of different chores for homesteaders that live in different hardiness zones. There are a few chores that everyone has in common at this time of year.

Harvesting root crops, collect and store flower bulbs, clean up garden debris, removing any diseased plant parts that could infect next years crop, mulching and planting cover crops to name a few.

You may choose to fold into (under the soil) of your garden beds nitrogen rich material such as compost, grass clippings, composted manures, coffee grounds, vegetable scraps and bloodmeal. This enables bacteria to break down the nitrogen rich material into rich soil full of microbial activity.
October Homesteading Gardening To Do List

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Melissa Francis
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