Raising LivestockPrevent Internal Parasites in Homesteading Goats

Prevent Internal Parasites in Homesteading Goats

This article was designed to help the homesteader that has chosen to keep a number of goats on their property and to keep them safe from internal parasites.

Prevent Internal Parasites in Homesteading Goats

The keeping and raising of livestock are one of the most important tasks that any homesteader will take the responsible for. Raising goats contributes to feeding their family and also provide a livelihood (money or barter) depending on what type of livestock.

The goat, for example, can provide a number of different opportunities to provide food and a source of income.

This article is extremely valuable in that it contains a wealth of information covering the safe raising of goats on a homestead. It contains a detailed description of each of the different aspects involved in raising of goats. Each section explains how it pertains to preventing your goats from becoming infected with internal parasites, which can be extremely devastating to your animals.

What parasites are commonly found in goats? Parasites commonly found in goatsinternal (organ) parasites are: lung worms (Dictyocaulus spp. or Muellerius capillaris); stomach worms (Haemonchus
contortus, commonly called barber pole worm); liver flukes (Fasciola hepatica); and intestinal parasites,
the most common of which are coccidia (Eimeria or Isospora).

* * * Benefits of reading Homesteading 101: How to prevent internal parasites in your goats

* Learn some valuable advice when it comes to keeping your goats safe from internal parasites

* The article is broken down into several different topics that each cover different aspects of raising goats

* All of the information is written in a way that makes it very easy for anyone to read and to understand what the author is saying

* There are a couple full-color pictures that are included to show a visual representation of the article

All of the information is written and presented in a way that makes it very easy for anyone to be able to understand it.

How do goats get infested with parasites? When goats “get” parasites, we refer to it as an infestation and not an infection, which is caused by
bacteria and viruses.

Parasites grow and reproduce in certain
environments. Goats that live in high risk environments can become infested.

• Lung worms and liver flukes grow and reproduce
inside snails, which live in stagnant water. Sheep
and goats that have access to stagnant water are
at risk of being infested by these parasites.

• The eggs and larvae of stomach worms are commonly
found on wet vegetation, like dewy grass.
Larvae can move up the grass where they are
eaten by sheep or goats.

• Coccidia mostly affect young animals because
they have not yet developed their immune
defenses. Coccidia commonly live on the ground
but are usually not a problem unless there is
overcrowding of animals.

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