Raising LivestockHomesteading Wooden GOAT PERCH Play Toy Stand

Homesteading Wooden GOAT PERCH Play Toy Stand

Homesteading Wooden GOAT PERCH Play Toy Stand

Homesteading Wooden GOAT PERCH Play Toy Stand will help goats capture the attention of their homesteading human family members when they seen them climbing and bouncing around.

Homesteading Wooden GOAT PERCH Play Toy Stand

Are you trying to find ways to keep your goats from escaping because they are bored? Then this article shows you the result of building a perch for your goats.

The perch will serve as an entertainment and a relaxing place for them. The perch can remove the boredom that your goats might feel. If they are not bored, then they don’t need to escape. You will see a picture of goats called Tomato and Pickles “sitting” on the perch.

The article tells that the platforms were made from several 2x4s and slats from an old pallet. The real question is if the goats will love or ignore the new platforms? You might not believe it but goats did actually love it.

There is also a separate link where you can get ideas on how to build a goat fence. The owner decided to expand the pens by removing the panels from the previously built goat fence. The remains of the 2 old posts that were part of the fence can be seen in the pictures of the article. The owner decided that this can be a place where goats can climb on.

The good thing about this is it will not take a lot of time. In fact, the owners only took an hour to build these platforms. The goats absolutely love it. They now spend their time climbing these platforms. This is only one idea that you can do to make your goats happy. You can learn more by reading other articles from the blogger of this page.

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