GardeningPropagating Lavender from Cuttings

Propagating Lavender from Cuttings

This simple method of propagating Lavender from cuttings is easier than growing from seeds and frugally free.
Growing your own herbs can be a great investment in the long run. It is often frustrating when we want to use fresh herbs but the grocery store does not have the ones we want. One way of getting around this, is to grow our own. If you love lavender, it can be one of the best herbs to grow at home. You will get its nice earthy aroma in your yard and you can then use it to cook later on.

You will need to choose a well lit location. Since this herb is used to sun and warmth, you need a spot that gets both of those things. Because lavender does well in soil that is slightly more alkaline, if your soil does not have a pH level of between 6.7 and 7.3, add a little lime into it. This will help. Then you need to purchase your lavender. It is smarter to plant the plant, and not the seeds since the seeds take such a long time to germinate.

When you have your plant, you will then need to dig a hole that is big enough for the roots to fit into. Before placing it in the dirt, prune it to get any dead leaves or stalks off. Then you will want to water it.

Water it about one hour before putting it in the ground. This makes sure the roots are damp but not wet. Then, after an hour, take the plant out of the pot and prepare the roots to go in the hole you dug. You want to shake any soil that was previous on there, off. Then you can place the plant into the hole and add a few white stones, lavender grows well in rocky conditions. Add a little more lime to help the dirt, and some fertilizer on top of the rocks. Then you can cover it all back up with soil.

To ensure that you have a healthy lavender plant, you need to fertilize it about once a year, and water it only sparingly. Because it likes to be hot and dry, overwatering will tend to kill it. Prune it occasionally to prevent the dead stalks from killing the rest of the plant. Then when it is time to harvest the flowers, you should do it when the bottom flowers are beginning to open. Cut them near the ends of the flowers and take your bundle, tie it up, and allow it to dry for about two weeks before using it.

Growing you own lavender will be fun and a great investment when you want to make a great number of different things in the future. It is so easy, you should be able to do it with hardly any fuss.

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Propagating Lavender from Cuttings
Propagating Lavender from Cuttings



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Propagating Lavender from Cuttings

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