GardeningHow to Propagate Fig Trees for Free

How to Propagate Fig Trees for Free

This step by step tutorial of how to propagate fig trees for free can be a money saving way for a homesteader to establish their own orchard inexpensively.

Any good potting soil, course sand or  pure Perlite will root the cuttings. Some gardeners root house plant cuttings in water, but a lot of trees and shrubs will rot with this technique. Use a container with drainage holes to hold the potting soil. A rooting hormone usually helps and you can make your own (click here).

Take a cutting about 6 inches long from the branch and dip its base in the rooting hormone. Shake off the excess hormone and push the cutting base about 2 inches into the moist soil.

Among the easy to root plants are willows, poplars, privet, rose, red twig dogwood, English ivy, forsythia, arborvitae and creeping juniper (trees and shrubs).

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How to Propagate Fig Trees for Free
How to Propagate Fig Trees for Free

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