ChickensRaising Chickens | New Baby Chicks Care | The Homestead Survival

Raising Chickens | New Baby Chicks Care | The Homestead Survival

Raising Chickens cabn exciting especially when you learn about new baby chicks care. Make sure you have all the supplies and your chicken brooder set up before your chicks arrive.

Raising Chickens | New Baby Chicks Care | The Homestead Survival

You might want to have baby chicks that do not peck your fingers whenever you come near them. Here are some of the things that you can do.

On the first day, you have to wait and avoid human contact as much as possible as the chicks are still getting used to their environment.

On the third day, you can start introducing your scent to the baby chicks. Let them walk and peck their little beaks on your hands. As the baby chicks are still curious, the pecks won’t be painful at all. This is the first step that you can take to prevent them from getting scared of you.

On the 4th day, talk softly to them. You also have to make sure that you have some grains on your hands so that they will learn to associate food with your voice. Be slow on your approach so that you don’t scare them

On the 7th day, you can hold them under the light. Try not to scare them by just lifting them a few inches. They should still be able to jump from your hands without injuring themselves,

On the second week, continue to feed them using your hands, talk to them softly, and hold them.

On the third day, they should be looking forward when you hold them. They might even appreciate it if you give them some treats which can include unflavoured yogurt, mealworms, chicken grit, corn, and other treats that chicks mostly love.

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