GardeningRe-purpose Kitty Litter Buckets Into Strawberry Pots

Re-purpose Kitty Litter Buckets Into Strawberry Pots

Re-purpose kitty litter buckets into strawberry pots. If you have cats and purchase  kitty litter in the big buckets here is a nice way to re-purpose them into planters for strawberries. You can paint the buckets to be any color you would like and they turn out looking pretty nice. Each bucket can hold 14 strawberry plants in the sides of each bucket and 4 or 5 in the top so with a couple of buckets you could grow a lot of strawberries. Start saving and making your strawberry pots now and you will be ready to go come spring. I like this idea because the buckets are not overly large like some towers and you could make a net tent over them fairly easily to keep the birds out of your berries.Upcycled stuff shows you how to prepare the buckets and then how to plant the strawberries so that the soil doesn’t fall out of the buckets.

Re-purpose Kitty Litter Buckets Into Strawberry Pots

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She also tells you which paint to use on the buckets and how to use them. This is a great way to use something that would other wise be taking up space in a land fill somewhere. If you don’t buy cat littler but would still like to have a strawberry growing space check out these two methods of growing strawberries. You can Build a PVC Tube Vertical Strawberry Planter which is a great space saver because the planter goes up instead of all around taking up space. There is also A Strawberry Pyramid DIY Project if you would prefer growing them in a wood planter rather that the plastic or pvc. Any of these planters would provide space to grow a good amount of berries in limited space.

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