CraftsRemove Ink from Soda Pop Cans to Make Shiny Aluminum Base

Remove Ink from Soda Pop Cans to Make Shiny Aluminum Base

This tutorial shares a method of how to remove ink from soda pop cans to make shiny aluminum base. Turning an item that you would normally recycle into a free functional craft material. Read on to see the steps to prepping your soda cans for reuse.

Remove Ink from Soda Pop Cans to Make Shiny Aluminum Base

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Soda cans are normally recyclable but even if they aren’t there’s no need to let them go to waste. The aluminum they’re made of is highly decorative and the typical can shape lends itself to a whole slew of household uses. They are perfect for decorations and DIY projects.

The cans are usually imprinted with a pain that’s resistant to washing off. Obviously manufacturers don’t want to lose the ad space, and it wouldn’t be much use to have an un-labeled can if it were filled. For some décor it’s okay to leave the print. It can make a theme or trendy item for reuse.

In most cases, though, you’ll want to remove the painted label to use the can for your home DIY projects. The paint is not washable or removable with traditional methods but that doesn’t mean it’s truly permanent. You can remove the paint from the can entirely with a few household steps and have a clean looking, shiny aluminum base.

Materials and Tools that are needed for this project:

Soda cans

Nail polish remover

Cotton pads

Pressure cooker

Hot plate or stove burner

Paint thinner or acetone might do the job on semi-permanent paint but it’s time consuming and will use a lot. Using sandpaper can also work but that will destroy the shine of aluminum. Instead, boil the cans first in a pressure cooker. The heavy duty sterilizer works to loosen the paint. Then follow up with just a few drops of nail polish remover and you’re ready to go with your refurbishing project.

Cans stripped of pain this way can be used as vases, wreaths, or cut. The aluminum can easily be molded into a number of home accessories. Read on to see the steps to prepping your soda cans for reuse.

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