SewingSew Homemade Sweater Squares Quilt Project

Sew Homemade Sweater Squares Quilt Project

This tutorial of how to sew homemade sweater squares quilt project is a frugal way to repurpose old sweaters into a warm snuggly blanket.

Sew Homemade Sweater Squares Quilt Project

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What if someone told you that all the old sweaters at home can still be upcycled into something better? The article you are about to read is how a lady upcycled some old sweaters into wonderful bedding and pillow cases.

Instead of discarding them, she decided to cut all of them into squares. After that, in what looks like the beginning of creativity, she alternated a square from each of the sweaters to get a random pattern. She stitched them altogether into a big piece of bedding. She did it for her son to celebrate his birthday.

She even had some leftovers that she used for a couple of pillowcases. Now, do you know how much she would have spent to buy such bedding? That is exactly how much she has saved. Remember, the sweaters have all been used.

Most times, you already have what it takes to get what you want, it is just that lack of ideas will prevent you from seeing it.

Don’t just try this out – embrace this wholeheartedly. This should also inspire you to find out how you can upcycle some of your old clothes too.

Please read through and share it to inspire some other people too.

Nothing is 100 percent useless. No junk or old piece of cloth is useless if you have the required knowledge, creativity and craftsmanship. You will probably have a lot of old clothes that you are planning to dispose anytime from now. Isn’t it?

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Melissa Francis
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