Household TipsSimple Household Hacks that Save You Money

Simple Household Hacks that Save You Money

These simple household hacks that save you money, time and most importantly effort. Learning how to work smarter, not harder was a great day on my homestead. Any way we can find to save money is a blessing to a financially struggling family.

~ Line your refrigerator shelves with “Press and Seal” to make cleaning up spills inside your refrigerator quick, easy and frugally. When things get gross, just rip out the Press and Seal liners and add new ones.

~ You can attach a long piece of PVC pipe with duct tape to your lawn blower machine so you can clean out your gutter of leaves by blowing them out. You will have to go up and down the ladder less because of the long reach because of the extended PVC pipe.

~ Dryer sheets work great at keeping your drawers fresh smelling. Simply rip off a dryer sheet and place in the drawer. A dryer sheer works the same way for smelly shoes and sneakers. Just insert a dryer sheet inside each shoe to freshen them up in between wear!

Simple Household Hacks that Save You Money

~ If you have stripped a screw and the screwdriver will not remove it. You’ve still have hope! A rubber band placed over the screw head will provide enough grip to remove the screw.

~ This cleaning tip is a “why did I not think of that kind of idea”. When you’re finished using your toilet brush, place it under the lid of the toilet seat so that it can drip dry for awhile. This makes it easier and more sanitary to transfer it back to it’s holder beside the toilet.

~ Scrub the inside of your stove with a baking soda water paste. Combine a box of baking soda with water to form a paste. Spread it all over your oven then let it sit overnight. Use a sponge to scrub, rinse sponge as you will out the oven.

~ Use this lemon/vinegar ice cube trick to keep the disposal clean in the future. Freeze lemon slices in vinegar. Run a few cubes through the disposal every few days to keep it fresh.
~ Place a spinning lazy susan turntable in your refrigerator to be able to reach condiments bottles easily.

~ How to make your household towels smell fresh not musty: Using the hottest water cycle on your washing machine, wash your towels with a 1 cup of vinegar. When cycle is complete, leave the towels in the washing machine and run through another hot water cycle, this time adding a 1/2 cup of baking soda. Once this cycle is complete you can stick the towels in the dryer and dry as normal.

~ To make cleaning your microwave a snap: microwave some water with lemon juice for three minutes, then let it sit undisturbed for another five. This will loosen any sticky mess inside the microwave, which you can then wipe off with a wet sponge and Dawn dish washing liquid, then rinse.

~To remove hard water build up in your bathroom shower head: Fill a quart ziplock bag with pure vinegar and put shower head inside the ziplock bag. Tie ziplock back securely around showr head neck base overnight. Remove and discard vinegar the next day – use shower normally.

~ When painting: place a layer of aluminium foil over painting tray so at the end of your project you can just remove foil and throw away. You can add 2 tablespoons of Vanilla Extract per 5 gallons of paint, stirring thoroughly, to cover up harsh paint smells.

~ Once you place a tall plastic kitchen trash bag in a plastic trash can…. add a couple layers of newspaper inside the trash bag to catch and absorb any stray liquid.

~ You may scoff at the Magic Eraser, but those little white sponges are magic. Whether you’re cleaning a scuffed walls, dirty shoes or your computer keyboard, the Magic Eraser will make it bright and new. Every time I use it, I am in total grateful amazement and appreciation.

~ Clean your outdoor garbage cans: In a large cooking pot, fill and bring to rolling boil. Carefully pour hot water into outdoor garbage cans to kill maggots. Add a few drops of Dawn dish washing liquid and swirl water around can. Let sit ten minutes then rinse.

~ To reduce trash can bag suction: pulling that bag out of the trash can is a challenge that sometimes takes two hands, a good squat, and a little muscle thanks to the vacuum that prevents a trash bag from easily sliding out. Simply drill a few holes in the side of the can to release air pressure. Avoid drilling the holes in the bottom as this could cause a leaky mess.

~ If you accidentally shrink a piece of clothing in the washing machine: take it out and soak it in cold water with a squirt of hair conditioner. You will be so surprised and grateful.

~ How to restore dried out Sharpie markers: Simply fill a small shallow dish with rubbing alcohol and let the tip of your marker bathe in it for a bit. Put the cap back on for about an hour and it should be ready to use. If your marker is completely spent, this may not work, but it should extend the life by re-moistening it. Don’t forget to store your markers with the cap side down so that the ink saturates the tip.

~ Pick up glitter, sequins and scraps left behind from the kids’ art projects with a sticky rolling lint brush.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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