GardeningSuper Cheap And Easy Method To Start Tomatoes

Super Cheap And Easy Method To Start Tomatoes

This is a method of starting tomato seedlings without buying seed or paying for seedlings. You can Use a tomato from your fridge or garden and with one tomato you can have up to 50 seedlings ready to go into the garden or containers in just a few weeks. All you need to use this method of starting tomatoes are a tomato, a pot and some soil. If you plan to grow your tomato plants in containers you will need them as well. I would not try to grow more than one plant per container. This is a great way to get seedlings from those over ripe tomatoes you may have in the fridge. The Wannabe Homesteader shares this method of starting tomato seedlings.

I saw an article one time and I wish I could remember where so I could share the source but I don’t remember. In that article the lady said that what she does to have tomatoes in the garden next year is that at the end of the season when she is cleaning out the garden for winter. She will choose where she wants to grow tomatoes next year. Then she digs a hole in those spots and cuts up a ripe tomato from this years tomato plants and drops the cut up tomato into each hole. She covers it with soil and in spring little baby seedlings sprout from the seeds that were in the tomatoes and all she has to do is thin them.

This is a fantastic way to plan your tomatoes for next year because these would have the stamina of all those volunteer plants than we see in our gardens or around the compost piles. They made it through on their own and are usually very strong  plants and produce very well.

The Wannabe Homesteader
The Wannabe Homesteader

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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