DIY ProjectsHow to Make Garden Vegetable Stakes From Reclaimed Wood

How to Make Garden Vegetable Stakes From Reclaimed Wood

When you live on a farm it can add up to a lot of scrap wood over the years from old fences, barns, and other buildings. But most people on a farm believe in using and repurposing their wood. One great project utilizes this wood into making garden signs, and solves the problem of trying to figure out what has been planted in the garden beds.

Often gardeners may forget what they’ve planted in garden beds, and this leaves them puzzled as to watering or fertilizing frequency. Or, perhaps you have visitors or employees, and they need to know what’s in the beds so that they can be looked after. Garden signs often solve this issue of what has been planted. Garden signs can also be a great way to spruce up the appearance of your garden.

Easy to make garden signs can be made from just a few supplies. Repurposed wood, electric saws, paint, a paintbrush, stencil, drill, and screws can all be used to make as many garden signs as you need.

Wood can be sourced from barns, fences, and even pallets. You can paint the background of your signs if you wish, or leave them with that weathered look, which will blend in well. These pieces of wood get trimmed down to 3 inches wide by 20 inches long. One end can be curved with a jigsaw. The painted boards can be attached to the stakes with some drywall screws, and the letters can be painted on with the help of a stencil.

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How to Make Garden Vegetable Signs From Reclaimed Wood
How to Make Garden Vegetable Signs From Reclaimed Wood

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