SewingThe Homesteading Skill of Darning Socks

The Homesteading Skill of Darning Socks

The homesteading skill of darning socks can be challenging but this article can help with simple do’s and don’t. This article was written specifically to share a couple of methods of darning socks and you can use them whether yours have just holes or if there are any tears in them as well.

The Homesteading Skill of Darning Socks

You might think that it is quite simple to sew up holes or tears, but you might be surprised to know that there are several things you should do as well as thing you should not do when it comes to darning socks. Sock Dreams shows us how.

Mom’s and grandma’s have been lengthening the life of their families socks for several months when they become worn. Whether they have holes in them or rips and or tears they all can be repaired. With a needle and thread plus a little know how it is easy to prolong the use of any sock. It is referred to as darning socks and there several methods that can be used depending on how they are worn.

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The Homesteading Skill of Darning Socks

Benefits of using the Darning Socks – Do’s and Don’t’s Article

● Article includes methods of repairing holes and tears in a sock

● Includes important tips on what you do, as well as tips on things to avoid

● Includes several diagrams for each repair method shared in the article


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