Turn Your Gas Generator Into A Multi Fuel Generator

More Cowbell

  In times of power outages a lot of folks use a gas generator to run freezers and refrigerators to avoid the loss of food. Some also use lights and radio and tv or to charge phones. A gas generator can be a life saver for a short term power outage as long as you have gas or can get gas but what happens if the outage lasts longer than your gas or that the gas you can get.

  If you have already turned your generator into a multi fuel you will be is a better position to keep it running. Storing gasoline for long term is ify because it needs a stabilizer for long term but propane can be stored long term with no problem and if you have natural gas you may be able to use it as long as it is still operational.

  By converting your generator you can easily switch between the three different types of gas so if one runs out you can switch to another. More Cowbell shows you how to covert your generator and says that a 20 lb propane grill tank will run the generator for about as long as five gallons off gas. You can pick up propane tanks on craigslist and as garage sales pretty cheap or even buy a 100 lb tank and keep a supply on hand.

  So if you have a gas generator that will only run on gas this tutorial will help you convert it and you will be better prepared for a long power outage and with all the crazy weather the last few years you never know when you might need it. See the instructions on Instructables.

 More Cowbell
More Cowbell


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