Mylar Blankets in Survival Situations

If you are trying to be prepared for emergency situations and have begun stocking items for your go bag or bug out bag this article will tell  you why you should have mylar blankets.

Mylar Blankets in Survival Situations

In this article from Urban Survival Site you will see 25 uses for them some of which you may have heard of before but some you may not have.   They are very cheap and you should keep some in your get home bag, your bug out bag and in your car because you never know where you may be when you will need them.

Not only are the really inexpensive, they also take up almost no space at all. They are really thin and fold down to such a small packet that you could add loads of them to a bag or pack and never even notice the weight. There are many many uses for them especially in extreme conditions. The most well known thing about them is that they will reflect heat so if you are sleeping in a tent or in your car using one with a blanket or sleeping bag can help you to keep warm.

If you are using them as a blanket remember that they are a plastic and can not breathe. For this reason they will keep any moisture from condensation or your sweating or breathing inside and you could end up damp which would make you colder. If you need to use as a blanket make sure to put it on after the cloth blanket or sleeping bag, this way it will still reflect the heat back but there will be cloth to absorb and moisture.

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