GardeningTurn Your Lawn into a Gardening Food Forest

Turn Your Lawn into a Gardening Food Forest

This article will encourage you to turn your lawn into a gardening food forest. The consternation is common and is in fact a deception. The urban and suburban homeowner has worlds of space for a garden that they never thought of. That space is their lawn.

Turn Your Lawn into a Gardening Food Forest

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Many people who want the independence of the homesteader’s revolution have a problem with growing their own food. These people do not have the space for a garden that can grow the necessary foods that will cut their food costs for produce to zero.

The money that you save on lawn care, lawn fertilizer, and watering can go to your renovation of your lawn. You can sell all of your power lawn equipment and finance the changes that your yard will need to become your garden. A lawn garden will pay for itself.

Creating a working and sustainable lawn garden requires planning and work. Make your plans with advice from those who have already made the change so that the number of errors you make is minimized. Start early in the year so that your lawn garden becomes productive the first year.

You may end up having to negotiate permission to have your garden on your lawn depending on the regulations of the community or city where you live.

Step by step instructions and very helpful advice for creating a garden on your lawn are below.

Click here to read about how to turn your lawn into a gardening food forest:


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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