Household TipsWarmth in the Winter with Simple Solutions

Warmth in the Winter with Simple Solutions

These tips will bring Warmth in the Winter with Simple Solutions that will frugally help the whole family stay warm as temperatures outdoors drop.

Warmth in the Winter with Simple Solutions

It does not matter where you live in the northern hemisphere, no one wants to be cold for an extended period of time. Many people turn their thermostats down to conserve energy when it is cold outside.

* Any easy way to warm up first thing in the morning is to preset your coffee maker to brew before you are up and about.

* For a more ambitious warming one can even place the instant oatmeal or grits in a coffee pot plug it into a timer and have a warm breakfast waiting for them when they wake up.

* Another way to keep warm in the winter is to pre-warm the bed prior to hopping in. An electric blanket can be set on a timer, always remember to check the quality of any electrical heaters or blankets to prevent a fire hazard. This is a technique that has been around since the medieval period.

* Yet another way to reap the same rewards is to take a long hot shower or soak in a hot tub or Jacuzzi prior to bedtime.

* If it is really cold in the morning, then an electric blanket can be placed on the clothing you are going to wear the next day. Place the electric blanket on a timer set for about 20 minutes prior to your alarm, always remember to turn the blanket off after getting dressed.

* A great way to cut down on cold drafts from under doors either exterior or interior, is to cut a piece of pipe insulation and slide it along the bottom of the door.

* Drinking a hot beverage before bed can help…. just be careful about the sugar or caffeine can keep you up. A cup of warm broth or sleepily time tea may be a good option.

* Wear a hat and slippers indoors.

* Turn on the ceiling fan to circulate heat

* Although alcoholic beverages might make you feel warm, they actually decrease your core temperature and can be dangerous during winter months.

* If you’re walking in the snow during the day, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare causing headaches.

* Setting your thermostat at the same temperature day and night will help prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting.

* Put a rice heating pack in the microwave for 3 minutes then wearing oven mitts – place it between your bedding sheets at the foot of your bed. Your feet will be nice and toasty as you fall asleep

Keeping warm can take a little pre-planning but is totally possible with these frugal tips.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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