Emergency PreparednessWater Stockpile Basics…Not Just Bottled Water

Water Stockpile Basics…Not Just Bottled Water

Water, we all need it every day. Catastrophe network has advice for storing water for use in case of an emergency. Think about what you would do in a disaster if the power were off or the water had to be shut down for days or maybe even weeks. Where would you get you water to drink, cook with, bathe and clean with. They advise storing water in large containers and I have to agree. Why have stacks and stacks of bottles of water when you could have 1 big barrel in a corner in the basement. Also never forget the hot water heater will have anywhere from 30 gallons and up. If the water has to be shut off make sure to shut the cold water off at the hot water heater to keep the water in it clean.

photo credit catastrophenetwork.org
photo credit catastrophenetwork.org

Water Stockpile Basics…Not Just Bottled Water


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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