ArticlesWhat Are The Different Types Of Mixers In Today’s World?

What Are The Different Types Of Mixers In Today’s World?

There are three different kinds of mixers you can find in commercial settings. Each comes with their own unique advantages. Depending on the kind of dishes you make or the volume of curries you make, you’ll have to pick out a mixer that suits you the best. In this guide, we are going to show you how to choose the right type of mixer by simply showing you the different types and varieties that exist, and the benefits, features they come with. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

What Are The Different Types Of Mixers In Today’s World?

Horizontal Mixer

This type of mixer grinder can produce dough and curries the largest volume in the shortest time span. Once it has been configured, the following batch will have to be fed continuously into the machine. The dough will also easily exit the machine in a trough for convenient and easy transport once the mixing process has been completed.  However, one of the disadvantages of this mixer grinder is that it can’t really keep your dough temperature low in the entire process of mixing. The friction of the dough rubbing on the bin sides will also cause the temperatures to easily rise. 

Spiral Mixer

A spiral mixer is one where you get different kinds of settings because of its flexibility. It will mix the dough completely without causing much friction in rotating bowls that spin around using a spiral shaped blade. This option however comes in a whole range of sizes that fit into various target outputs. They also use much less electrical power, thus saving up a lot of energy.

Planetary Mixers

Planetary mixers are commonly used in a lot of kitchens. It has a central mixing wand which rotates around stationary bowls. You could also change the attachment of the wand as required to accommodate depending on the mixing goals. Planetary mixies can be used to mix some substances apart from dough as well. The bowl is usually detached very easily. It also moves quickly once the whole mixing process is finished. The machines are usually smaller, offer very limited space and are considered to be the best option. The only disadvantage to this mixer is the kind of mixing it does between the top and bottom part of the bowl.

Hand Mixer

Apart from the usual grinder you see in the market, you could also buy mixer where you use the hand. In other words, you can buy a hand mixer. Unlike the usual wet grinder you get to see, they are usually light-weight, easy to mix and make mixing a fairly simple, easy and clean job. Since they don’t have special containers, they are often used by simply holding it by hand. 

Always assess your mixing needs before you reach a conclusion. How important is speed for you? Is volume the most important factor? Or the colors and consistency? Once you have understood your priorities and what you would like to see in your mixing process, you will easily be able to choose something that you genuinely like. To check out some of the best mixer grinder, mixie and more, you can also check out Crompton’s main website.

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