Why You Should Make Your Fries in Beef Tallow

Why You Should Make Your Fries in Beef Tallow

Learn why you should make your fries in beef tallow. While most folks just slide through McDonald’s drive thru when the craving for fries hits, these are so much better.  Beef tallow has many nutrients from the grass and feeds that cows eat. A lot of those nutrients are stored in the tallow which is a rendered beef fat that you can keep for a long time without refrigeration. As long as it is kept in an air tight container.

Why You Should Make Your Fries in Beef Tallow

While the tallow does have triglycerides, it also has a lot of fat soluble vitamins we need for good dental and bone health. The best part of cooking your fries in beef tallow is the wonderful taste it gives the potatoes.  One of the reasons beef tallow is good for making French fries is that it has a high smoke point.

So you can get the oil good and hot which gives your fries that extra crispiness. I also fry mine potatoes in lard sometimes. I know for years and years everyone avoided animal fats of any kind and we all ate vegetable fats.

I was the same, we used various vegetable oils until the genetically modified soybeans. I dumped mine the next day. Then I read that margarine is like one molecule away from being plastic. Don’t buy that anymore, we eat real butter. Do you know that noting in this world will eat margarine except humans. Not rats, flies or even mold. This tells me I prefer not to ingest it either.

So while I don’t think eating animal fats on an every day basis, I also don’t eat fries every day and so if and when I do decide to make some I make them with lard and now with beef tallow. I think the flavor of the beef tallow is better. I will still use lard for other things like pie crust. There is no pie crust better than a pie crust made with lard. To read more about making your fires in beef tallow and instructions for getting the crispiest fries check out the article from Ann Marie on The Cheese Slave.