Disaster RealityWildfire - Are You Prepared?

Wildfire – Are You Prepared?

This article shares tips to of what to do to protect your family and home from a wildfire.

You can follow these steps but there are no guarantees, a wildfire is one of the most destructive fast moving forces that consumes everything in it’s path.

Currently, the day of this post the states have wildfires:

Alaska (3)

Arizona (1)

California (10)

Idaho (9)

Montana (6)

Nevada (5)

Oregon (9)

Utah (5)

Washington (1)

Wyoming (2)

Acres from active fires that have burned 729,183

Today I woke up with stinging eyes and sore lungs due to a large wildfire that is burning hundreds of miles away but the smoke has settled over my town in deep dark ribbons in the air.

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