Gardening11 Tools You Need to Start Your Own Vegetable Garden

11 Tools You Need to Start Your Own Vegetable Garden

Simple farm tools were in the history of vegetable growing and are still indispensable tools with which you can grow and cultivate various vegetables, plants, or fruits. If you want to make a salad with your vegetables without going to the supermarket or worrying about pesticides, then this is the sign that you need to start creating one. Your vegetable garden can be a method by which you could have fresh vegetables at your disposal or a therapy through which you can relax.

To create your small vegetable garden around your house, you need to have some knowledge and some simple tools to make your work easier. Don’t make the mistake of venturing out or being influenced by all the super tools you see in the store. For starters, you must focus on the basics. If later the passion expands and you really want to become a farmer, then you can also purchase other fancy tool or agricultural machinery.

In today’s article, we have proposed to offer you eleven tools to help you create and maintain your vegetable garden.

Gardening gloves

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Since this activity involves working with soil and water, the first essential tool you need to purchase is a pair of gardening gloves. The gardening gloves will protect your hands by keeping them dry and clean while preventing the risk of blisters. They are available in a wide variety of colors and equipped with robust, water-resistant materials that will keep your hands clean when in contact with water or wet soil, but also with breathable parts that will improve the airflow.

Garden Hose with Adjustable Nozzle

Garden Hose with Adjustable Nozzle.jpg

Plenty of water is the basis for growing healthy vegetables. A garden hose is an indispensabletool that you must purchase. It will help you water your plants and other decorative plants, flowers, or trees in your yard. The garden hose comes in several diameters, but it doesn’t matter which one you choose to take as long as you intend to buy also an adjustable nozzle. The adjustable nozzle will help you control the water pressure and the spray radius. The spray radius is important in watering leguminous plants because it will water the root without touching the leaves.

Garden Shears and Knife

Garden Shears.jpg

The garden shearswill help you to keep your garden clean and tidy. This tool is sharp and has soft grip handles for comfortable use. With its help, you can cut flowers, new branches, or young shoots.However, if you do not want shears, you can also purchase a garden knife that has a sharp blade that will do the same thing as scissors, namely to clean up the garden in spring or autumn.

Hand Fork

Hand Fork.jpg

Another small but useful tool is the hand fork. With an ergonomic handle and some stainless steel teeth, the hand fork is the one that will help you aerate and loosen the soil. Moreover, you can use it to remove weeds that have deep roots or to prepare the soil for sowing seeds.

Hand Trowel

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Easy to use and very practical, the hand trowel comes with a comfortable handle and a blade with which you can dig holes in the garden before planting or even when it comes to transplanting seedlings from one side to another.

Hand Pressure Sprayer

Hand Pressure Sprayer.jpg

It would be best if you had a hand pressure sprayer to spray various materials such as pesticides, fertilizers, or other solutions. This lightweight tool has an adjustable nozzle and a valve that maintains the pressure for a long time. In general, it is available in different sizes from 33 oz to 68 oz(1 l to 2 l).

Plant Support Accessories

Some of your plants will grow and need guidance and support. For example, the tomato must be supported by a pole. If it is not tied properly, then the plant will break when the fruits ripen. There is also the risk that untied plants will spread in the wrong way, maintaining high humidity or even suffocating other nearby plants. So, regardless of whether you choose claws, reusable ties, clips, Velcro tape, or garden staples, the supporting accessories should not be missing from your kit.This technique of tidying the plants allows them to get maximum sunlight, improves the speed of fruit formation, and last but not least, the fruits will no longer be susceptible to pests on the ground.

Seed Tape

To develop as well as possible, the seeds must be planted at a certain distance between them. The strips are made of biodegradable paper and contain seeds applied at equal distances.All you have to do is prepare the trenches, place the tapes in the ground, and water them. They will allow you to sow with precision, but also to obtain straight and parallel rows. They will also help you to skip the thinning operation.

Garden Hoe

Garden Hoe.jpg

With a long and practical tail made of wood, the hoe will give you speed when preparing the ground for planting seeds. The garden hoe is perfect for digging trenches, removing weeds, and crushing hard soil.

Folding Saw

Folding Saw.jpg

A folding saw is a multifunctional tool that can be useful in several gardening activities. It consists of an ergonomic handle and a blade with special, sharp teeth that offer a clean cut without any effort.

Garden Bucket

In the garden bucket, you can place all the tools you will use to take care of the garden, without going back and forth.You can also use it to store fresh vegetables you have picked.The buckets are made of plastic or metal, and are available in various sizes.

If you have a garden project in mind, don’t wait any longer.Go and invest in these gardening tools and start working on your dream garden.

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