Sewing3 Great Ways to Upcycle a Single Sweater

3 Great Ways to Upcycle a Single Sweater

These 3 great ways to upcycle a single sweater into a slouchy hat, top boot cuffs and fingerless gloves is an amazing option of being frugally fashionable and warm.

As people become more and more aware of the effect they have on the world, they’re becoming more deliberate in the ways they live their everyday lives. This can be as simple as using products that come from eco-friendly companies or recycling.

One fun DIY way of being more environmentally friendly is to upcycle your old clothes. If this sounds like a fun project, then this is the perfect tutorial for you!

This tutorial goes through three different ways you can upcycle a sweater. This guide will take you through making three things, fingerless gloves, boot cuffs, and a slouchy hat. All of these are made from an old sweater, so you can match them together to match or use them all separately.

The most interesting part of this tutorial is that all three clothing items come from the same sweater, so you can get all three from one.

For all these projects, you’ll need a sweater, thread, a sewing machine, and a sewing kit.

For the fingerless gloves, you’ll only have to use the sleeves, one sleeve for each hand. You’ll create the fingers, roll them down to the length you want, and then sew them so they stay in place.

For the boot cuffs, you’ll use both edges of the body of the sweater. By using the hem already sewn into the bottoms of the sweater, this requires a lot less work and you’ll have boot cuffs in no time.

Finally, for the slouchy hat, you’ll use the rest of the body of the sweater and sewn from the inside out.

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3 Great Ways to Upcycle a Single Sweater

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Melissa Francis
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