Beverages3 Level Iced Beverage Fountain Cooler

3 Level Iced Beverage Fountain Cooler

This super simple tutorial of how to create a 3 level beverage fountain cooler do it yourself project is an inexpensive way to make cool beverages readily available to a large group of people.

Do you have a large family reunion, birthday, wedding or other special party to cater for? Do you need a way for the guests to have constant access to a large supply of ice cold beverages? Well here we have the solution – how to make your very own 3 level iced beverage fountain cooler.

You will need:

  • 3 plastic children’s swimming / paddling pools

  • 2 or 3 large plastic storage bins

  • Drill

  • 16 screws and bolts (non-rusting preferably)

  • Spanner

  • Lots and lots and lots of ice

  • A plethora of beverages


1. Take the children’s pools that will make up the top two tiers and drill random holes in them. This will allow water melted ice water to drip through them into the lower pools creating the fountain effect.

2. Place the first plastic bin upside down under the first pool with holes in and drill holes through both in four places. Place four of the screws through these holes and fasten the pool and bin together using the bolts and spanner to tighten.

3. Next place the second pool with holes in beneath the first plastic bin. Again drill holes in four places allowing screws to be put through and tightened.

4. Take the second plastic bin and place underneath the second pool. Drill holes in four places again and fix with the screws and bolts.

5. Place the third pool underneath your growing fountain and again drill holes in four places allowing screws to be put through and tightened.

6. Turn the whole thing over and you now have a fountain pool. If you want extra height you could fix a final plastic bin underneath following instruction two again.

7. Finally fill all three pools with ice and bottles of the beverages of your choice. Step back, admire and most importantly enjoy.
Fancying it up

If you have the time or the inclination you could decorate your fountain for extra effect. Try painting the pools and bins in funky colors, stenciling patterns on or you could even pick different shaped pools for added wow factor.

To store your 3 level beverage water fountain you could either pick it up and place in the garage or storage. Being plastic it should be light enough for two of you to move. Or you could take it apart being careful to put the screws and bolts in a safe place for its next use. The second would be the best option for people with limited storage space.


 photo 618pQUkVR1L_SL1500__zps35c95f44.jpg


 photo 618pQUkVR1L_SL1500__zps35c95f44.jpg


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Melissa Francis
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