Medical & Health4 Activated Charcoal Health Benefits

4 Activated Charcoal Health Benefits

You probably must have heard about activated charcoal health benefits. While its components differ significantly from that of ordinary charcoal, there are tons of health benefits to enjoy.

Because of its adsorbent properties, atoms, molecules, and ions are eliminated from dissolved substances. This is because the manufacturing process involves heating of carbonated materials to extremely high temperatures.

That said, let’s have a look at some of the activated charcoal health benefits:

1. Kidney Health

The adsorbent feature in activated charcoal enhances the kidney functions by eliminating undigested drugs and toxins. As such, it filters toxins from urea.

Some research findings suggest that patients with chronic kidney disorders should consume activated charcoal. This helps to enhance their kidney functions and reduce the damage in the gastrointestinal tract.

According to a 2014 study, rats induced with chronic kidney disorders were subjected to an oral of activated charcoal for two days to leverage its efficiency. The medication proved to work so well. There were significant reductions in gastrointestinal damages and inflammations.

2. Intestinal Gas

Individuals with consistent intestinal gases seem to disrupt this disorder when they consume powdered activated charcoal. However, minimal searches are confirming this activated charcoal health benefits.

activated charcoal health benefits

Toxic substances trapped in the intestine are likely to pass through the walls of activated charcoal, thus neutralizing them, thus improving health.

A 2012 study shows that medical examiners were able to observe some of the intestinal gas patients’ obscured organs once they administered them to a three-day medication of activated charcoal.

Now, the patients would get proper treatments since they can easily identify problematic organs during the ultrasound examination.

3. Water filtration

The activated charcoal acts as a natural water filter in a variety of organs, including the intestines, kidneys, and stomach. Also, it can absorb toxins, bacteria, viruses, drugs, and a range of chemicals found in water.

Additionally, the activated charcoal is useful in commercial settings such as waste management operators since they use activated carbon to facilitate the filtration process. A ton of filtration products designed for domestic purposes, use carbon cartridges to filter out impurities in water.

In a 2015 study, unfiltered water samples with six months of installation removed 32 percent of fluoride when passed through water filtration systems containing carbon.

4. Diarrhea

The gastrointestinal absorbent is one of the activated charcoal health benefits, and as such, activated charcoal can serve as a treatment for diarrhea.

Recent research on the use of activated charcoal to treat diarrhea, medical examiners proved its efficiency to prevent toxic bacteria, as well as drugs from being absorbed into the bloodstream by filtering them out through the tiny pores of the activated charcoal.

While activated charcoal is an effective treatment for diarrhea, there are tons of potential side effects that still come with it. In fact, it could be even worse when compared to other antidiarrheal drugs.



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