Pest ControlAll Natural Tick Repellent For People And Dogs

All Natural Tick Repellent For People And Dogs

If you have ticks in your area and spend a lot of time outdoors then you and your dogs probably end up with ticks after spending time outside. There are chemical tick repellents such as Frontline that you can put on your dog but it is kind of pricey and while it may repel ticks it can be harmful to your pet. Many people report their pets having adverse reactions to it. If you are looking for something more natural to use for repelling ticks from your dog here is your answer.

The great thing about this repellent is that it works for people too. To make the tick repellent you will be diluting Rose Geranium  with Sweet Almond Oil as a carrier oil. A study done by Us National Library Of Medicine showed that when testing geranium essential oils,” One of the essential oil samples that repelled >90% of the ticks.”

When using essential oils ( especially on direct contact with skin and on pets, the oils should be diluted with a carrier oil before being applied.) This is important because they can cause a reaction if not diluted.

All Natural Tick Repellent For People And Dogs

Once you have diluted your oil it is ready to use. When ever you or your dog will be going outside just put a few drops on. For yourself, put a drop on each ankle and each wrist and then behind each ear. For your dog put a drop on each side of the neck and then by the shoulders and one more at the base of the tail. If you or your pet get wet you will need to re-apply the oil. Purchasing the essential oil and the carrier oil will not cost much more than a single use of frontline and the natural ingredients will last for a long long time because you only use drops of the essential oil to make the repellent so in the long run this should save you a lot.  To make the repellent:

Add 18 drops of  Rose Geranium Essential Oil

to 1 ounce of Sweet Almond Carrier Oil

Always shake it a little to make sure it is mixed well before applying. Thats it, if you use this every time you or your dog goes outside you shouldn’t see any more ticks on you or the dog.

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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