Pest ControlSend Moles Packing

Send Moles Packing

If you have moles in your yard, you probably hate all the holes they dig in your lawn. Here is how you can send moles packing. With this method you can spray your lawn a couple of times or as many times as needed to make them leave. Then according to the article if you spray every spring they won’t come back.

Send Moles Packing

If you don’t have moles and want to make sure they don’t come to your lawn you could spray every spring as well. This spray won’t kill them it will just make them leave. The spray is made of ordinary items and you may have them on hand already. The tutorial is from E how. I have seen traps and poisons for moles and I have read that they are there because they eat grubs so if you have moles you probably have grubs.

You can apply nematodes to kill the grubs. You may want to do both just to make doubly sure they don’t stay in your yard. Apply the spray and then apply some nematodes to get rid of the grubs. If there is no food for them to eat they will probably never come back.

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