DessertsDate Squares Recipe From The 40's Calls For Honey Not Sugar

Date Squares Recipe From The 40’s Calls For Honey Not Sugar

I know so many folks are trying to get refined sugar out of their diets and yet I think most of us have at least a little bit of a sweet tooth. This recipe is from way back when folks didn’t have or didn’t eat as much sugar as we do now days. It is made with honey as the sweetener.

Melissa Knorris shares the recipe and provides tips for making it gluten-free as well. I love dates and nut so I am sure I will love this cake. I have a recipe somewhere for an old-fashioned prune cake that is out of this world, You make a topping using buttermilk and pour it over the prune cake while it is hot so it get soaked in and I am thinking it might be good on this as too. I will try it when I make these date squares and see how it turns out. But with topping or not these would help satisfy a sweet tooth and not add refined sugar into the treat.


Click here>>>     Date Squares Recipe From The 40’s Calls For Honey Not Sugar



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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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