SeedsAmazing Guide to Seed Saving for Frugal Gardening

Amazing Guide to Seed Saving for Frugal Gardening

This amazing guide to seed saving for frugal gardening is just what every homesteader on a budget needs. You can harvest seeds from each garden plant to regrow the same plant next season.

There’s something about gardening that makes you feel as if you are getting a bonus check from Mother Nature.

Amazing Guide to Seed Saving for Frugal Gardening

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Harvesting produce may be the most rewarding part after growing your own plants. Saving seed during this time is also an essential practice for any gardener, particularly when looking to save money.

Although seeds don’t seem to be a hefty expense, you can still spend hundreds of dollars on varieties when starting out. After years of planting, you might also have established an heirloom variety or cherish one from a neighbor’s yard. An important and fun part of the fall harvest should be seed saving and storage for future planting and for sharing.

Seeds do have storage requirements for optimal viability and long life. Some seeds are mature when the fruit is but some vegetables are eaten before the seed is ready. There will be some additional preparation for more difficult seeds before saving them.

For preparing saved seeds, you will need to dry prep some, soak others for wet prepping and ferment a few types. Seeds are overall very easy to save for the future even if they need a few steps.

You can also choose from a wide selection of household items for storage containers. And it’s very important to label your saved seeds.

With proper preparation and appropriate containers, seeds can remain fully viable for years without additional work. Read on to see how you can begin to create your own seed library to grow, share and save for the future.

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Melissa Francis
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