OrchardsAnti Bird Protective Fruit Tree Cage Gardening DIY Project

Anti Bird Protective Fruit Tree Cage Gardening DIY Project

This anti bird protective fruit tree cage gardening diy project is actually really easy to make and is highly effective against fruit robbing birds.

Anti Bird Protective Fruit Tree Cage Gardening DIY Project

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Birds can cause a lot of problems with fruit and nut tree crops, which is why it’s important to protect the tree. That’s why people get tree cages to protect them; however, they are quite expensive and the best tree cages are in Britain.

So, to have an effective tree cage, it is encouraged to build one based on the height of the tree. Get five lodge poles, a large roll of chicken wire, bird netting, two 8’ 1”x 2” boards, tape measure, a hammer, hand saw, chisel, post-hole digger, drill & screws, staple gun/staples, tin snips, heavy thread & embroidery needle, and a tall later.

For this project, you will need these tools and materials:

tape measure

post hole digger

hand saw



drill and screws

staple gun and staples

tin snips

heavy thread and embroidery needle

tall ladder

(5) 8’ or 10’ lodge poles

25’ x 2’ roll of chicken wire

bird netting

(2) 8’ 1”x2” boards

First, drill pilot holes at the top of the lodge poles and put in a long screw. Next, dig four holes for the posts shaped to line up as a square. Then, make slide support by carving a ½ inch piece in the middle of two 1” x 2” pieces and fit them together to make an X-shape. Climb to the top of the tree with the X-shape and screw in the ends with the lodge poles. It would be good to have a second person there. Staple the chicken wire to the poles and wrap around them at the bottom.

Next, comes the bird netting from over the top and attach it with the thread & needle. Finally, comes the door of the fruit cage, which is optional, but it gives good aesthetics to the fruit tree cage. This will keep the fruit trees safe from the invasion of birds, that will simply pick at them and cause damage.

Click here to read about how to build an anti bird protective fruit tree cage gardening diy project:


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Melissa Francis
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