Primitive SkillsBasic Survival Bushcraft Primitive Skills and Knowledge

Basic Survival Bushcraft Primitive Skills and Knowledge

Theese Basic Survival Bushcraft Primitive Skills and Knowledge can save your life and the lives of others in an emergancy sitution. Investing in yourself and learning some

Basic Survival Bushcraft Primitive Skills and Knowledge

You can survive for 3 Minutes without air (oxygen) or in icy water.

You can survive for 3 Hours without shelter in a harsh environment (unless in icy water)

You can survive for 3 Days without water (if sheltered from a harsh environment)

You can survive for 3 Weeks without food (if you have water and shelter).


Basic bushcraft skills are:

Feathering wood

Carving simple tools

Lashing basic camp structures

Knot Tying

Basic fire starting


Making Rope from Plants

Primitive Trapping

Rock-Boiling Water


Finding and Purifying Water:

Boiling water is the easiest method to purify water. To clean water out of the sediment that may occur simply use a cloth or bag with some gravel and sand and past the water through.


Building a shelter

Create a bed of leaves to create a barrier between you and the Earth which will suck out your body temperature.

Make a hut over the bed of leaves with long wooden sticks.

Cover roof with green leaves still on braches.


Finding Food:

Find me edible plants to eat might be the easiest way to get food into your body it’s important to know which plants are safe and which ones are not because some can be extremely toxic and poisonous.


Starting a Fire:

The simplest way to start a fire is with sticks 4 of the most common ways are Bic lighter, handrail bow, bow drill, and fire plow.


Mental Attitude:

Mental strength and attitude are essential for survival.

Assess the situation and what survival tools you are carrying. Believe in yourself and use the knowledge that you have trained for previously to successfully get through circumstance.


Good Camp Fire:

If it is extremely windy you want to set up behind a barrier to help block the wind or you might try a Dakota Hole (dug in the Earth) fire instead.


Knot Tying:

Being able to tie a variety of knots can come in handy as a skill, especially in the wilderness, sailing or rock climbing. You may have to repair something, during first aid, repair something or hold something together.



In a survival situation, you could have many uses for simple rope such as fishing snares lashing wooden sticks together and even first aid.

There are different materials you can find in the wilderness to create rope some of them are bark sinuate from animals like tendencies the hem of your pants milkweed plants And tall grasses.


Weather and Food Preparation

Always take the weather into consideration because Mother Nature can be deadly.

Yes extremely windy you want to set up behind some trees or boulders to help block the wind.

If it is snowy, you may want to dig down into the snow to create a snow barrier from the wind.


First Aid Causes:

You could come across burns, scrapes, food poisoning, punctures, fractures sprains, dehydration, stings, and animal attacks.


Survival Signals:

Helpful signs are a whistle for sound a fire 1st smoke a mere turn for reflection and a flashlight swung back-and-forth In the dark.

You can also spell out the word help or S.O.S so that a passing plane might see it.



The compass is an important tool to carry with you if you don’t have one you can create 1 or use the Sun in stars to navigate your way out to civilization.


Basic hunting Skills:

Having prior knowledge and training will help you to increase your odds of succeeding in catching some dinner.



Firearms can come in handy in all sorts of the situation related to food gathering and safety from other humans and dangerous animals.

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