Beautiful Cinnamon Babka Recipe

They say that we eat with our eyes and if this is true then this recipe for beautiful cinnamon babka is definitely a treat for both the eyes and the belly.  Babka is a sweet yeast bread like cake and as you can see from the picture when it is made this way with all of the cinnamon swirls it is truly a beautiful loaf to see sliced. Usually babka is a little plainer with only one ring in the middle of raisins and nuts where as this one has loads of cinnamon rings along with the raisins and nuts, it then has a glaze on top to make it sweeter. The one thing to remember if you plan to make the babka is that part of the dough requires planning ahead. You need to make the Biga the day before you plan to make the babka so it can go into the fridge overnight and ferment.

Beautiful Cinnamon Babka Recipe

This recipe comes from A Family Feast and it turns out delicious. The recipe makes 2 loaves but I usually double it because the first loaf pretty much disappears as soon as it has cooled down enough to swallow and it seems so sad to see all of the beautiful babka gone in a day. By doubling the recipe we get to share a loaf with friends, co-workers or family, whichever ends up lucky at that time. Everyone that has seen this has loved it and wanted the recipe. It is so worth the trouble of making it.  I love it just sliced but I also love it toasted. It is delicious.


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