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Build Archtop Guitar Mandolin Craft Project

How to Build Archtop Guitar Mandolin Craft Project is detailed in this step by step tutorial …. and will lead to beautiful music.

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Ever tried making an Archtop guitar in the mandolin style? Here’s how in 8 easy steps:

1. Make the ribs by cutting the corner blocks and bending the ribs to the inside mold. Make use of heating silicone blanket to heat the linings and wood, you can make bending jigs making use of fusion 360 or related software and then cut them on a CNC Router table machine.

2. Mill the top soundboard to an arched shape. You can experiment by integrating the braces to produce a nice tone and a big sound since they add stiffness and efficiency.

3. Create a tool path and then cut the F holes. You can enlarge them and move bracing position so to accommodate the lager holes. Attach the Ribs to the Top Plate

4. Mill the guitar neck to the desired shape, thickness and consistency.

5. My desired material for the back plate is babinga wood. Mill the babinga back plate in the same size and arch as the top soundboard.

6. Carefully create a dovetail joint on the CNC to join the neck and compound body together.

7. Glue on the Back Plate and Make the Fretboard. Attach the neck to the body using glue and close the guitar. Glue is the best material to use as it doesn’t interfere with the shape and flow of the wood.

8. Make the head stock veneer and place frets into fret slots by hand and then glue and press them.

Give your guitar a good wood finishing and you’re ready to rock!

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Melissa Francis
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