Off GridBuild Battery Power Backup Generator with 12V Deep Cycle Batteries

Build Battery Power Backup Generator with 12V Deep Cycle Batteries

How to build battery power backup generator with 12V deep cycle batteries. It is totally possible for those who are crafty with tools and good with electricity to build a backup battery generator.

Build Battery Power Backup Generator with 12V Deep Cycle Batteries

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It is essential to have a generator in the house in the event of a power outage that can last a long time. It is also expensive to buy one and power it up by battery or by gas. To build one, have 1 or more sealed deep cycle batteries, 1 DC to AC power inverter, 1 smart charger, inverter cables and battery link tables.

You will need for this project:

-1 or more sealed deep cycle batteries

-1 DC to AC power inverter

-1 Smart Charger/Maintainer

-Inverter cables and battery link cables (if using more than one battery)

For this system I used the following:

-2 VMAX SLR155 12-Volt 155Ah AGM batteries connected in parallel (

-1 12V DC to AC 2000 Watt Inverter (online or from a hardware store)

-1 Vmaxtanks BC1220a 12V 20A 7-Stage smart charger

-1 Set of 2 gauge 6′ 100% copper inverter cables (4Ga would have also worked, be sure to check the ratings of the inverter cables you buy)

-1 Pair of 4 Gauge 12″ 100% copper link cables

To choose an inverter, pick one that has a wattage rating higher then what the essential devices use. Simply, add the total wattage that will be powered and add an extra 200 watts to it because it’s always helpful to have the inverter with extra watts to take in. Next, choose a deep cycle battery because they can be reused multiple times. These kinds of batteries can be used past 50% of power, but, if the batteries are more than 50%, they can give a lot more charge uses.

Next, get a smart charger that will work with the batteries. For the deep cycle batteries, get a multi-cycle charger that should match fully charge batteries in 15 hours or less. Finally, connect it all together. Note the diagrams of where the cables attach it with; be extremely careful when working with such power that could lead to electrocution. Don’t use short batteries and use insulated tools.

Take all safety precautions necessary. It will all work well in the end.

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