DIY ProjectsBuild Concrete Slab Hillside Walkway Stairs Project

Build Concrete Slab Hillside Walkway Stairs Project

This tutorial of how to build a concrete slab hillside walkway stairs project is the documentary of an experience that also acts as a guide for the people who want to construct a similar hillside sidewalk as well as stairs.

Build Concrete Slab Hillside Walkway Stairs Project

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If you have ever lived on a hillside homestead you would be very much familiar with the problems and will agree when I tell you how difficult it is to walk up and down the slope. After facing this problem for a year the builder decided to construct hillside sidewalk and stairs.

The builder has divided his experience into several steps for better understanding. In these steps, he have spared no detail and try to provide as much information as he can. The context in the article includes all the precautions he took and all the problems I faced as well as the solutions he presented in order to counter these problems.

Following are the steps that are mentioned in the article in great detail:

• Take all the measurements (In order to take accurate, he had to take into account all the allowances)

• Construct the first step of the stairs according to the measurements already taken and then, in the same way, construct step two on top of it

• Use the procedure mentioned in the second step to construct the remaining steps of the stairs

• Construct the last step

These pictures that will explain the context of the article in a clearer manner for a better understanding of the readers. This article contains the details of all the tools that were needed to do the job as well as all the material that was required and the quantity in which it was needed.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up you tools and go through the article step by step to make yourself a hillside sidewalk and stairs of your own.

Click here to read about how to build a concrete slab hillside walkway stairs project:

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Melissa Francis
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