DIY ProjectsBuild Leaf Removal Rain Gutter PVC Pipe Tool Project

Build Leaf Removal Rain Gutter PVC Pipe Tool Project

How to Build Leaf Removal Rain Gutter PVC Pipe Tool Project is simple to make and that will blow leaves and other debris out using the force of water.

Build Leaf Removal Rain Gutter PVC Pipe Tool Project

With the rains here, you have some worries to deal with. Amongst which you have rain gutter and rain gutter drain pipes clogging. If you do not want a problem from damages to your roof from the pressure clogged rain gutters can cause, then you need to clean it out. Not everyone is comfortable climbing a ladder to clean out their gutters for so many reasons including health related problems.

The alternative is finding a tool that can get reach any height and also easily navigate the clips. You also need a tool that can operate on its own to flush out debris. Atlas, such tool will be a rain gutter cleaner made with PVC pipes of different length and shapes with a valve for attaching a garden hose.

With this, you do not need to worry about getting all the debris out, as the force of the water is enough to flush them. You are also able to reach your roof, even if it’s a two -story building without needing to climb a ladder. This eradicates the fear of falling and the inconvenience of having to move the ladder every few minutes.

This DIY shows you how you can make a rain gutter cleaner that cost just about 5 dollars. The parts required are easy to find at your local hardware shop.

With simple instructions to follow, you can make gutter cleaning one less problem you have to deal with this season.

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