RecipesCamping Smores Campfire Combination Recipes

Camping Smores Campfire Combination Recipes

These delicious camping smores campfire combination recipes are far beyond just the typical marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers. Be creative and have fun with these playful dessert combinations…. they are finger licking good.

Camping Smores Campfire Combination Recipes

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Traditional S’mores are synonymous with fall weather however there have been at least 16 new variations that can turn it up a notch at any given time. It may be fun to tap into your adventurous side when trying different recipes. Various recipes incorporate homemade or store bought cookies,Nutella and either milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate chips and other chocolate candies such as Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Peppermint Patties.

A variation adds a twist to a classic sandwich with peanut butter and jelly. While most variations of the S’more include marshmallows, there is one that ditches the marshmallow altogether and uses brie cheese. You can use fresh fruit such bananas and combine it with bacon, graham crackers, a marshmallow, and peanut butter. Other fresh fruit that can be used are strawberries and chopped pineapple. Lemon curd and cherry pie filling can be used if you prefer a more dessert type flavor.

The base of the S’more can be substituted as well. If you’re not completely invested in a graham cracker, you can use chocolate graham crackers, buttermilk biscuits, Pizelle cookies and even tortillas.

If you really want to take your S’more game to the next level, you can use bananas as your base instead of a cracker or cookie and simply cut a long slice into the banana and fill it with your ingredients.The ease of putting ingredients together can be added to a saucepan or even just wrapping a cinnamon roll on a stick.

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