Raised Bed Herb Garden Selections

DIY raised bed herb garden. Simple construction was used and just ordinary lumber because they rent and didn't want to invest in expensive wood...

Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Grow Your Own Herb Garden by Rachel Ballard Grow your own herb garden as an exciting way to spice up (pun intended) your garden...

Your Medicinal Garden: Ten Herbs to Plant This Spring

If you are like me you are itching to get started on your garden.  Homestead give you a list of ten herbs to make...

Harvesting and Drying Calendula

Root Simple shares when to harvest, what parts to harvest, how to dry, and storage. Click here: http://www.rootsimple.com/2011/03/harvesting-and-drying-calendula/    

Healing Herbs to Grow in Your Garden

Are you thinking about what herbs you are going to grow in your garden this spring ? Here is some choices and why they should...

How to Grow Stevia and Make Homemade Stevia Extract

Have you given up sugar or plan to.  Then you may want to try stevia, it is a natural sweetener made from the Stevia...

Grow Your Own Black or Green Tea for zones 7-9.

Grow Your Own Black or Green Tea for zones 7-9. New life on a homestead tells you how to make tea from the leaves...

How and why you should grow Turmeric

How and why you should grow Turmeric http://www.therainforestgarden.com/2011/12/how-to-grow-turmeric.html

A Better Way To Grow Cilantro

A better way to grow cilantro. Try this method for a fast, continuous crop     http://www.sunset.com/garden/flowers-plants/better-way-grow-cilantro-00400000017171/

How To Use Lemon Balm

How To Use Lemon Balm for cooking, natural healing, cleaning, cosmetics, and more. Recipes for teas, spreads, dressings and more from New Life On...

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